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Bobby Raines
I was at Cooke Barracks 1957-1959 with Company A 4th Quartermaster Battalion 4th Armored Division. Gyro over with the whole 4th Armored Division in 1957.

My home was in one of the old German Barracks. The Walls were at least 3 feet Thick. I do not remember is there was a Street name in front of our Barracks.

If you were standing in the large grassed area looking at the front door of the Chapel, looking to your left there were 4 Barracks on the street.  In 1957-1959 The first Barracks was the 404 MP's, Second was 4th Quartermaster HQ & HQ and part of Company A 4th  Quartermaster Battalion. The other two were For Company A 4th  Quartermaster Battalion. 

Do you remember what year the old barracks were torn Down. Would like to hear your comments.  

joe combs

well i was there from 87-89 and they were still standing when i left in april of that year.

Patrick Currie
Hello Bobby,  I was in the Bravo Bears 1st Bn. 26th Inf.  1st IDF from 1978 - 1981. I lived in one of the barracks that you speak of. As you stood in grassy field, looking at front of chapel, you had 4 barracks to your left.  Barracks on corner was Bravo Company Hq and 1st Platoon, second barracks was Bravo Company 2nd, 3rd, and weapons platoon.  The next two barracks closest to Recreation Center, which was at opposite end of grassy field, were for Charlie Company. I have street names at home, and will send that to you this evening. Take care.

                                                        Blue Spaders,

                                                          Pat Currie
Patrick Currie
Hello Bobby,  The street that our barracks were on is RUBY STREET. The street to the rear of our barracks is FORD STREET. Alot of memories from that immediate area. Take care.

                                               Bravo Bear, Blue Spader, Out.

                                                              Pat Currie
Dear Bobby Raines, most of the buildings were torn down in the late 90ths.
There are quite some new buildings now, beeing used for business and
surely you remember the motor pool which is now being used through the
whole year as an event building. The MP station is a little pub and up hill,
I think it was the canteen, is now a restaurant and dance club, also a
Golf place. The street names been all replaced by now. What's still there
is the little chapel.

All the best!
Andrea, Eislingen, Germany


Look in Album 6 there is 3 photos that 1 shows B Co 144 Signal Battalion. The other 2 photos show some people playing with a huge orange ball “ one of the photos of the orange ball was taken from the barracks window so it shows more” and in the background was the MP's Barracks and beyond that the mess halls and motor pool but wasn’t there 8 barracks in all or 4 on each side of the field. I would walk out the door and the church was to my right.


  Larry Chatterson  70-71
Hi Bobby
 I was in the QM company B I drove a 5 ton truck.I was there 1960&61.Our CO was Capt. Walden our Sgt. was Easterly.We stayed in the old German barracks.
                          Carl Hanners  
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