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Craig Nelson

I am going to go back to Cooke in June. I plan on bieng in the Goeppingen area for about two days. If you live in the area we might get togeather for lunch or dinner! If someone has any special requests, I might be able to do something for them. No matter what, when I get back I will write a note about the experiance. Ralf, are you out there?

Ralf stumpf
Yeap i am there-just drop me note when you jump in the plane!I´ll get you my Mobile Phone Number-Darren Hanner told me he hits the place in May-stay in constant contakt with him!Looking forward  to see you-We can have some dinner in the old MP Station-The WACHE!!!!Be save!!!Ralf out

Ralf stumpf
Btw im in facebook serche for my current name Ralf Stumpf
Tom Roberts
Craig and others:  I would be interested in buying a golf cap if the golf club on post sells them.

Anyone else?

Tom Roberts
Galveston TEXAS

Bobby Raines

I was at Cooke Barracks 1957-1959. I would be interested in a Golf Cap if they sell these at the Cooke Barracks Golf Course. Let me know how much the cap cost and other expense. I will send you a money order. Please let me know. 

Craig Nelson

Well, plans have changed. I was going on tour with my friends in the band Blondie. We were going to have some free time in June. The tour schedule has changed several times since I made my plans. So, I am planning on rescheduling to late Sept. If you ever drank German Beer you know why! I know some of you guys want golf hats. If the golf course is still there and they have hats, no problem! Thanks, Craig.

Joe Combs

golf course is there....just saw it yesterday...when I went back in time...let me know as I am only a cpl hours away in count me the way pics are on the Cooke Barracks page on facebook

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