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Sandra Braun
hello my name is sandra and i am from Göppingen
if anybody know please get back at me..
my e-mail is

Juan Fitz

I also remember many who could not wait to get back to the world. Unfortunate for them for I did have a good time. Like life, it has its goods and it has its bad times. I was scheduled to rotate back to Ft Hood but instead decided to stay at Goeppingen and stayed for awhile after getting out of the Army. I am glad I served, proud to have been in the 1st, survived the bad times and it taught me a lot. I also got to play soccer/football with german teams and even help form a American armed forces soccer league that competed against other German teams and we played very well. Learned German and continue to speak the language. Very grateful for that. Have fond memories of Cooke, not of being in the field, but made the most of it. Do I miss Cooke, yes, miss Germany, yes. Looking forward to going back one day. I got to appreciate our men in uniform and to this day will go up to them and thank them for their service.

Happy Thanksgiving To All
Sandra From Göppingen
Garry Beachamp
I wouldn't say that they were the "best times of my life" but I did have fun.  I was going through a divorce, sending money to support my parents and trying to find where I belonged.  I got my only Article 15.  So, no they were not the best times of my life but I did have fun.

I met some great people, had a lot to drink and learned a little about cause and effect.  I have spent many evenings wondering who or what the people I came to know turned out to be.  Some of the people were not whom I would call friends but I always thought they had good qualities and I wondered what happened to them.

My friends, I wish I could have kept in contact with them through the last 20 years.  I would have been nice to keep up.
Phil Molangi
My tour at Gurp was from 87-89, with A Co., 4/16th, and it was the best time in the Army. It was my first tour, my first experience on my own and I will always cherish it. Sure, other duty stations were fun but not like Cooke Barracks. And I had a short-timer's calendar as well, but I was homesick for the states, didn't know any better. The way this country is headin straight down the toilet, I would gladly go back to those Gurp days.

I might not have enjoyed the army like a lot of you and didn't find Cooke Barracks to be the best place I have ever been---but I take pride in being an American good times or bad. To say this country is going down the toilet is a miserable remark to make. America has faced hard times before and survived because people had pride in America and didn't write for the whole world to see that is going down the toilet.

John Hurley
It's the Auld Lang Syne Syndrome. The old days were always better because they are gone and done with. I was constantly amazed at CB when guys would talk about how great their previous post was and how crappy CB was. I figured it was all the same Army, how great could any other post be? Some of these same guys are probably now saying how CB was the greatest time of their lives.
Russ Knack
I was at Cooke in 67/68. I was sent to Nam from there.  Best time I had in the army was the time I spent at cooke.  I was probably one of the rowdyest, trouble making jerks to ever serve there.  Loved it.
Russ Knack
I think Mel must have been a private while at cooke.  They all had it bad, I think. Poor guy.  To bad he didn't serve when I was there.  He would be singing a different tune....than again, maybe not.  We didn't hang out with cry babies and losers.
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