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Derick Stinchcomb

Hello every one, I jave read some interesting things about old Planet Gurp, Some of them good and some sad times, but Gurp was the best place I ever got stationed. I was in HHD, and HHC 299, i was in Gurp twice from Nov 1983 until May 1985 and right back in Oct 1987 til Jul-1991, I just had to say I miss those wurst with curry salt and fries !! Take care Goepping Family, you will always be in my heart !!! 


The good ole Yak Shak.....i miss it too.  I was only a young child when we were in Gurp, but I have a lot of memories.  I remember walking from post to downtown to go shopping and stopping by the yak shak for lunch. That was great!

Gary Michalosky

YES!! The Yak Shack!!  That little hole in the wall I used to goto outside of the main gate with my collection of change for a currywurst, fries and a coke when I ran out of cash for the burger bar (E3 pay didn't go too far in the late 80s).  Simple, yet good times!!

Stacie Wheeler

Yes, I remember the YAK Shack too.  The wurst and gummies.  I can honestly say that since Gurp, I have been back to Germany 2 more times and I have yet to find any place that sells wurst like the YAK Shack (if at all).

Keith Andreu

Does anyone remember the proprietor of the Yak Shack's name? It was Stereo. And his Brother's name was Hi-Fi.And his sister's name was Reel to Reel. I'm sorry, I couldn't help my self. That was one of the more memorable expediences of my time on the Planet.  Those were the best Pomme Frites on the entire face of the Earth, I do declare.

Jim Crowley
Served at Göppingen 87-88, and fondly remember the Yak Shack after an evening hanging out at The Red Ox, shooting pool. "Eine wurst und Pomme Frits, mit eine bier, bitte.". Nice nitecap.

I guess that's all gone now, along with we GI's. Thanks, Göppingen, for your hospitality, and putting up with our antics for so long.
Wendy Carr

Right on the money with that order Jim.  After reading this now I'm in the the mood for  some brut and curry.

Michael Lackovich

I also remember the Yak Shack all the little kids from the housing area would come and get candy and chips. I would give out spare change and that would make their day. What a wonderful time in my life only 18 I was a kid myself. 

John W. Hurley
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John W. Hurley
eric knight

man i miss this place!!! we ilved in the building right across the street and i can still smell the curry wurst and pomme frites. i'd give anything for those right now. remember the little fork they gave for for the fries?

WOW the  Yak Shak in Göppingen,,like u guys called Gurp all the time,,lol,,I used to date Terry Jerido back in 86-88 and WE always went there to get him some to eat. It wasn't really the cleanest place but EVERYBODY loved it !! Thinking back today makes me miss it too :-)

I was there from 80 to 83.  Me and my buddies would go to the Yak Shak and party with Stereo.  He was the greatest guy.  He was from Greece.  He couldn't speak english and we couldn't speak greek but we always managed to have a conversation with the guy.  In the summer he would close the place at 9 or 10 and then invite us in and lock the doors and close the blinds and he would put out the Cognac, UZO and Jager and we would get drunk as a barrel of monkey's.  I sure miss those days. 
I was there so many times, remember all the little bottles of booze he had too? We used to fill our cargo pockets with Uzo for the "long" walk back to the barracks.
I never been Gurp before, but I suppose it is a great place. I grow up in a big city, and kinda tired of it. Too many people around you, and bad traffic and terrible air. I always wanna move to somewhere quite with nice environment. I am working hard too save money to run away, and I am selling virtual currency. Hope someday I can finally lead the life I like.
The first meal I had in Goppingen was the curry wurst and the pomme frites with mayonnaise. It was serve in a paper tray with a little fork. Also the schnitzel and spaetzel served with a wonderful brown sauce on top at a restaurant that catered to GI's. I thought it was called Ma's something? Does anyone remember this place? Or was Ma's the place where you could drive through and buy a bottle of wine at the window! I was there Feb 1970 until Sept 1971. My name was Dianna Mank.
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