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Someone recently made mention of an establishment in Stuttgart called the House of Three Colors.  I remember and bier and German music.  I visited a lot of guesthouses, and tent festivals, but for the like of me cannot remember the House of Three Colors?  What I was wondering was if anyone remembers or perhaps went there.  Was it as good as the Koenig Hof? 

Dean Dark

House of the oldest profession. 8 floors of women.


Definitely better than the Koenig Hof! 

John W. Hurley
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John W. Hurley
504th Admin Co 1963-65
Chuck Hollis

Was at Cooke Barracks, 404th MP Co., '66-'69, and heard a lot about The House of Three Colors (Dreifarbenhaus), but never went.  Many guys from the 404th had to check it out.  It was a house of the world's oldest profession.  Did visit "The Wall" in Nurnberg several times when TDY in that area.  It was called the Wall because it was the first row of buildings inside the old wall of the city which dated back hundreds of years.  Very historical.  The Wall was something to see with all the large windows that opened into the little room where the girls waited for their "next."  In the warm months the girls would sit with the windows open, speaking to everyone who passed.  I remember seeing senior citizen couples strolling along, stopping to talk to the girls, and occasionally, an Opa would go inside while Oma waited.

Keith Andreu

I was introduced the fine, upstanding women of that establishment the first month I was in country. And also the Wall in Nuremberg too. You truly didn't see Germany, unless you  visited a "POOF HAUS". What memories.  


My friend Jeff and I made a point to visit the House of Three Colors at least once a month. Mostly to see if they had any new employees, I will have to say I probably saw the most beautiful red head I have ever saw in my life working on the second floor of the first building. No I didn't purchase was tempted.


Great place all shapes, sizes and ages.

John Phillips
We would get on the train and go to Stuttgart, go drink, and finish the night wondering the halls of the "house".
Larry Chattersson 70-71

I found this.


Click on the link below for the translated page “German to English.”




I went there a few times while I was in the 1inf. div. fwd.,great place!!!!!!

I went to the House of 3 colors a few times when I was over there.  It was pretty decent but nothing could match up to Frankfurt.

 In 1971 I was stationed at Echterdinger Air Force Base on top. I was in the army with the 29th Trans. Co. 7th Corps. A friend and I used to go to The House of 3 Colors all the time. As far as I remember --their was 3 sections and they were 3 story with 79 rooms in each section. They had LADY,S from standing young ladys to ladys sitting in rockin chairs. They had some very beautiful babes their and I did pay for their company and they are fond memories. I would like to go back and get another smile on my face. I loved it

4th of the 41St Field Artillery, Pershing I, 67-68.  I was stationed at the airfield in Mutlangen as a crew chief.  As I recall the "House" was within walking distance of the Bahnhoff.  I visited monthly at least and enjoyed practising German with the girls.  I seem to remember negotiating a birthday discount for my 20th.  I even passed a high school friend while hiking up and down the stairs and although I thought I recognized him it was not until we were sitting in a room at Fort Dix seperating that we ran into each other.  I asked if it was possible that I'd seen him at the house and he assured me that there was a strong possibility. :-)

steve goodson

I was back in Germany in 2009 and "The House" still stands.  It's actually in the town of Boblingen.  I never visited the House, but I do remember taking strolls through the houses of 40-Mark Strasse in Frankfurt back in 83'-84'.  Incredible!!!

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