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I´m looking for Ronald Jenkins. He lives in Jacksonville (that´s the last known adress) and must be about 46 years old. Ronald Jenkins is the father of Janine Reinhardt from Germany, she is searching him.
Ronald Jenkins was in a realtionship with Sylvia Reinhardt in 1985. At this time Ronald was stationed in Germany, Göppingen (US Arny).
So, please can you give us some informtaions (adress, phone) about Ronald Jenkins to find the father of Janine Reinhardt (born 12.02.1986 in Schorndorf, Germany, now living in Hagenbacher Str. 4, Bad Friedrichshall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany).
Thank you very much!
Jochen Breunig


Vergil l. Powell
Hi.I was in the same platoon as Ronnie. Sorry to say I have no info on him. I had recently tried to locate old friends from stinger platoon. If you are able to locate him please say hello. Feel free to email me!
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