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I'm DJ Knight...I was the DJ at the Galaxie 5 in Stuttgart at the bahnhaf. I was there from 87-89...came there in Delta 4/16 with my cohort brothers from Ft Riley. We were together from 84-89...yeah that's a long time...anyway, I went to HHC 4/16 with SGT Mosely...then me a Mosely went to the command group and drove for
BG Armstrong.....but for those that knew me when I was a DJ...knew who da man was!!!!!!!!!!
Donnie Rhymes
I was there with you. My wife worked in the beauty shop on base. We departed suddenly for an emergency assignment to the US Embassy in Athens Greece.

We frequented the "life" Disco in Goep and the Maddox in Stuttgart.

We traveled a lot with CPT. Gwen and DAvid Johnson.
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