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Warren J Russ
Dave good buddy, Why is your name on my pictures??
David Wisniewski, Founder
Back at you, my friend! Google, in all its wisdom, has embedded the account holder's name on each photo under the account holder's name. I guess that's logical enough..but I was disappointed to discover it is "uneditable". Meaning, I can neither change it or delete it.  Too bad it can't be changed to "". On the other hand, it's been 12??!!! years since I set up the old Google Picasa photos section and my name may be some legacy issue.

At least I've been able to keep your photo submissions under a Google Photos album under your name [smile] Although I'm not particularly familiar with this new "Google Photos" service, I believe you'll find the account holder's name on every posted Google Photo.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to publicly explain this.

--david wisniewski, founder,
David Wisniewski, Founder
Well, I stand corrected. I see some albums contain the account holder's name (me) embedded into the photos and many more albums do not. I'm confused how/why this happened (actually, I was born confused and it continues to get worse).

I've spent close to 50 hours massaging this new Google Photos platform trying to work out the bugs. It's been kinda like that arcade game where the gophers keep popping up their heads. For whatever reason, some of the albums embedded the account holder's name on each photo.

Because the account holder's name is not an editable attribute, I will need to recreate the affected albums by deleting them and uploading them via google photos (rather than retaining them as they were migrated from the old photo service). Unfortunately, this means you will have to recreate any "comments" for the photos. Yes, this is a real pain and there seems to be no end to the complaints google has been getting over their photo service change.

I respectfully ask for your patience resolving this issue since a family emergency occurred a few days ago that is taking time from this project.

Kindest regards,

--david wisniewski, founder,
David Wisniewski, Founder
I found four albums that embedded the account holder's name on each picture within the album. As of now, they have all been reconstructed and the problem resolved.

--david, founder,
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