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I have been trying to find some old friends which were stationed in Goeppingen  and worked  with  my Ex husband David Kuusela in A Co 4/16   up to 1985 then againwe met in Ft benning. their  names are Jeffrey and Sonja Prouty, last known address i had was in Colorado but thats done and over with .Anyone know of their whereabouts and what they do  i would appreciate any information

I am trying to get in contact with Eddie and Rosa Aguayo. They called him Poppo.
don miskell
try ZABASEARCH to search for your friends there are alot of people named jeffrey prouty in the data base i see
I am trying to find Frank Edler... We were roommates in A co. POL in 86 87 any info would be greatly appreciated
John Moran
I am looking for Jim Mcewan who was my roommate at 504th in 1965 and Jim Mackin who was a close friend at 504th and PSD.

Just to let you know I found the Aguayo family.
Doug Anderson
Served from 1966-1968 with the 404th MP Company. I am trying to find some of the guys who was there during this time frame. Chuck Hollis, "Chief" Trueblood, Ron Hyre, Terry Dillard, Pat Ranalli, Jack Shumansky, Duane Langren, Melvin Sanders, John Tomazin, Ray Sahk, Grover Hall, Steve Kalata, Billy Probst, John Menzies, Thomas (Mike) Brown, Nate Oderberg, Billy Garner, Robert Hurd, Ralph Babcock, Ernest Abernathy, James Baker, Roy Gerner, Richard LaPorte, Hubert Hall, James Kehoe, Robert Shurrell. We are having a reunion at Gunther Stegmeier's home in Maryland the first part of September. Would like to visit with you, and what's been going on in your life. Let me know
Vince Di Marcella
I just found this sit, will try to get back to the East coast for the re-union trying to fine past friends from the 404th MP group 1966 and 1967.

Joseph (J. M.) Evans

Am looking for Michael (Bart) Graham, formerly with the 1 MI Co. FWD, 1st IDF was there in Goppingen around the time periods of 1975-1976. Oder of Battle Analyst, worked in Headquarters Bldg. basement across from the Comm. Center. Was there when Jim Bridwell was the Cmdr. Robbie and Ken were agents, Stiger on vehicles. 

don empie

1sgt Twyman and I coached the women's softball team from 85-87. Looking for any of those players, can't remember too many full names or spellings - Sherri Pennington, Carey Mackey, Capt. Peggy, Charlene, Madonna,

maybe moved to ft campbell ky. was she from germany? they divorced and she remarried some one named gary but dont remember his last name.
had two kids christopher and crystal
if this is who you are looking for me too..
good luck
yes thats them, found them finally through facebook cause i did remember the kids named an  figured everyone younger is on facebook.thanks again for the help, its always good to  get back in contact wth long lost friendsi
joe combs

am back in germany for another tour (previous was 87-89 with HHC 1st IDF), but i am looking to find an ex of mine. Antje Muller, we dated and hung out up in ludwigsburg at the rock fabrik, while all the time she was attending nursing school up in the tubingen area if i remember correctly....any help would be appreciated.   I am in the Wiesbaden community this time.

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