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My wife taught at this school in the 80's and 90's. She was the reading specialist. We took a trip back to Goeppingen this summer and was surprised to find that not only is the school still there -- it's still a school of some sort. We had a blast driving around the old base with her trying to figure out where everything used to be.
Hello All,

I just found this site. I was looking though some things my mom had in storage and found the yearbook from 1989-1990 in a box. I was in Mrs. Yates second grade class. I attended the school from K-to the middle of 3rd grade. Then we moved back to the states. I really missed Frau Bader and a few of my friends Jaquetta Jackson, Carmelaine Klimaweski, Kia Cashman and a few others. 
Hey I attend there from 1989-1991, my name is James Smith, I had some really good times there!
I was there for 6th & 7th grade (77-79). We won the championship for football in 77. Lived on the officer's circle. I remember the Hansen kids, the Larsen kids, the Bowmans (always on their skateboards and the roll cage in their dad's car), Matt Mulinax (sp), Randy Bullard (who moved to San Antonio 3 months after we did...just a few blocks away), Kelly/Lisa/Mike Cofield (or was is Scofield).Beth & Kellie Mallory, Mike Long/Wetzel (the general's son), Neil and Lisa Creighton (the other general's kids), Jack Pratraca (sp), the Cummins kids and the evil dog Sparky. 

My dad was the community chaplain. We always had company over for Sunday brunch. That was one of the few places dad was stationed I ever felt like it was home.

My notable events/recollections-

Cutting across the hangar entrance to go up the long staircase
My sister and the general's daughter getting busted for doing something wrong by the police
the German/American fairs that came around
the bowling alley and Patricia Clark breaking her toe with one of the balls
staying at the Hotel International to move to the Glass House

People I am in contact now or know of-

David & Marsha Pritz (lives in OK) is a school principal (was 6/7 grade English teacher)
Robert Lavelle (lives in San Antonio) retired (was 6th grade teacher)
Sara Jackson (lives in San Antonio) was 1-3 grade teacher (now head of dept in a college)
Randy Bullard (student then) once lived a few blocks away, now on FB

that about it. having to do this in the dark w/o my glasses so please forgive any typos.

Doreen Siegel
Hi Jim,

I'm a Goeppingen brat (1960-62) so, of course, we are not acquainted. However, I'd like to invite you to join our Facebook group, "I Went to Goppingen Elementary." To date, 200 plus students and teachers are members. We share wonderful memories and photos from that special time in our lives. Our students range from the mid-50s to the closing of Cooke Barracks.

As an aside, I revisited Cooke Barracks, now named Stauferpark, last year. So few of the original buildings are still standing. It was a heartbreaker.

Looking forward to meeting you on Facebook,
Doreen (Dougherty) Siegel
Michael Lyons
Wow, I went to that school from 1st to 4th grade 1957-1960.
Best time of my life I loved it so much I'm now writing a novel about a bunch of Army brats living on Cooke Barracks[smile]

David Pablo
Yeah i was there 59 - 62. 2nd thru 4th grade.
We had a big family Jr, Eddie, Evelyn, Vicky and me . What great memories growing up there. 👍
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