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Jim Frechette
I had the privilege to teach my first years as an elementary school teacher at this wonderful school. In 1990-91 I was the PE coach there. I then was lucky to still be on post as it was being closed down in the fall of '91. I taught a half year of 2nd grade, sadly watching as children continually were withdrawn (with no one replacing them, of course), until finally the last child left the school and we closed the doors for good in January. My wife was one of the final ten or twenty soldiers remaining at Cooke Barracks when we finally took flight for Fort Polk. What a drag! Walking around the post those final days was like being the last living cell in a dead body! Fully intact buildings, with nothing but the sound of the wind and the caw of the occasional magpie!
The teachers at GAEMS were fantastic. Starting with our wonderful Host Nation teacher, Frau Bader, to our cool music teacher, Ralph Schroeder, I will always treasure those short months. Our administrators, Linda McCauley at principal and Sarah Porter at assistant principal, spoiled me for how I thought ALL administrators treated their teachers (with respect, as professionals, and friendly.) After teaching for the last 17 years under several other principals, BOY WAS I WRONG!!!
Hats off to the folks I was lucky enough to break into the teaching profession with!
George Constantine

I was looking at some old papers from my time at Cooke from 1962 to 1964 as an MP with the 4thAD. The Egg House was the " Husaren " . Can't remember  were it was located but it was dedicatd to the black GI's at that time.


I attended this school in the 3rd grade til the 5th grade.  We were station around 1988-1990.  Those were the best years of my life, next to the birth of my boys.

Robert van Hoose II
I attended school there from 1983-1985.  Is there a list of faculty anywhere?  I was in Ms. Sweeney's 2nd grade class in 84-85, but I'm having trouble remembering how to spell my first grade teacher's name, Ms. "Opime." Does anyone know the correct spelling of her name?

It's so hard to track everyone down.

If you haven't already, get on Facebook and join the "I Went to Goppingen Elementary" group. 

Rob (at the time, Bryan) van Hoose
I attended the school during the years you taught, Mr. Frenchette. (2nd grade in 89-90, 3rd grade in 90-91) I remember you trying to teach us how to do the splits.

I remember Ms. Teague, who was crazy about the Michigan Wolverines and Frau Bader, who played German records (Hallo, guten-magen, Dutchland...). My favorite teacher was my TAG teacher, who was from Czechoslovakia, but I can't remember her name...

My mom taught there during the 80's, she was gifted or TAG teacher, Ms Kommer, I alway went on school field trips with her and her kids. I later on went to Patch American School. I grew up in Schwaebisch Gmuend and it was very sad to see the bases all close. My father still lives there and whe I go for visits with my own kids now its very sad to go back and see what used to be...

Leonard Blakeney
I attended Goep Elementary between 89' to 91'.  Some of my friends were Montez and Charles Little, James Smith, Dawn Evans, Levi Kelly, Edna Aguyo, and Da Da Foster. I especially remember my English teacher Ms. Denise Williams. Not only because she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but because she really encouraged bad kids to so good by supporting their creativity. I remember her helping us start a fraternity that we young black men were very dedicated to. This taught structure and unity at a very young age.

Tara Bonner Corley

Hi! My name is Tara Bonner Corley. My dad was/is Capt. Robert Bonner and was in the transportation dept. I attended school here when I was in the 4th grade. My friends were Ruthie Burbank, and Jennifer Jaulwan. The best time of my life!

Sabrina Petersen (Bittle)

Does anyone remember a Ms. Campbell?

Robert Bryan van Hoose
First -- every make sure to join our Facebook group! "I Went to Goppingen Elementary" -- More and more of our teachers and classmates are meeting there.

I remember Ms. Campbell.  I changed 2nd grade classes after the first week or two in 1984. I'm not sure if I had her for those two weeks or if my sister had her.

hi my name is cindy carlo i went to school in goppingen in 1981-82 is there anyone who has a list or a year book from that year because i am look for some friends of mine i know there first name the girl name is wendy and the guy name is aaron we were all good friend and i wish could get hold of my class back then i had so much fun living there 
I attended Gop Elementary from 84 to 86.  I remember Frau Bader very fondly.  She was a great lady.  She would always get on to me for calling her Mrs. Frau Bader .  It was a hard habbit to break.  I also remember Mrs. Sweeney.  If memory serves me correct she taught 2nd and then moved up to 4th grade.  I'll have to look around and see if I can find my old yearbook from there.

Joseph Harris
Hello everybody! My name is Tamecca Clark I used to live in Goeppingen in 1987. I used to attend Goeppingen elementary middle school. For 11 years I have been trying to contact my old friends Julie Peterson her sister Jean's Peterson, Heidi Kline, Sandy. I miss yu guys. I loved the school and I remember. everyday after school I would go to the Snack Shack and rat their delicious brats a I loved the curry sauce. it was oh so good. The people were so kind OhI just remembered some more names Edna Aguarroand her sisters. Oh I cried when I lefted and I can't. forget about the music teacher at the school un unfortunately. I can't. remember. her name but she was a great teacher I wasn't shy to sing around her solo. If any of you guys are out there please contact me.
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If memory serves me correct she taught 2nd and then moved up to 4th grade. I'll have to look around and see if I can find my old yearbook from there.

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