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Hi there this is great. I was there and I'm looking for anyone whom might know Stacy DelCiello, David Burns....I had my most wonderful times there....really the clubs, the food, the times ever....oh, I also wanted to say I love love love the Curry Wurst from the shack on the corner up the hill from the MP I miss it, what was the name of the club of the main road not the Life...the other one, they played mostly hard was sort o in the back....boy o boy..good times bad the place is gone now...I remember going into the tunnels that were underground...I found rounds and other WW stuff....

If they see them, I asked the legal character ... maybe I will end back up with me ... or someone ... ... things happen ..
m jones
I know stacy Del Ciello
richard manuel 1st idf mp
you were talking about the yak shack      a mp's best friend while on patrol late at night
Nate Clark
specialist manuel
he had a convertible car and a hungarian gf named sylvia if i remember right i was a mp and she would come adter 5to sign in to see stacy geiger was herlast name if i remember right
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