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John W. Hurley
Come on Guys. Where are you? Am I the only one left?

John W. Hurley
mike rodensky
Hi John,
     I met with Jim Meehan for lunch and we both brought pictures. We do not live too far from one another. We agreed to meet again and I will probably contact him after the first of the year.
     The only other guy I know that was with us is Richard Archangelo "Archie" or "Sgt Butchie" as Peter Van Dusen called him. Archie lives in the next town and I've tried to get him to call me back several times with no luck. It's been a couple of years and maybe if we all have a get together I will try again.
     Take care and let's ehar from you and anyone else that you are in contact with.
Mike Rodensky

John W. Hurley

Does anyone remember the 504th Mess Sergeant who unrelentlessly harassed KP'ers during the 1963-65 period? His pay records dissappeared and were rumored to have been sent to Korea. His attitude did a 180 degree turn and he became a much more humane individual.

Mike Rodensky
    No way am I going to remember a name of a mess sergeant. For some reason most of the people that were cooks were not of a pleasant personality. I could never figure that out. I only knew one that was a nice guy. He was a cook at Fort Ord in California and just by coincidence he got stationed in Goeppingen and he made great blueberry pancakes. When I went through the line the first time and spotted him, I asked him to make blueberry pancakes and the next morning we had them. All I remember was his name was Washington.
Mike Rodensky

John W Hurley
Does anyone remember "Doc" who lived in the basement of the 504th barracks during the 63-65 period.He used to wander around post in a partial uniform. He spoke German and hung out in the German canteen. I always thought he was a German laborer.

I was on CQ one night in the barracks when there was a plumbing problem. Sgt Dillard told me to go down in the basement and get Doc. I didn't know what he was talking about. I said Doc the German guy. He told me Doc was a US soldier-I was stunned. I went downstairs and found Doc living amongst old sinks and toilet bowls.

The story was that Doc received a field commission in WWII and then was RIFed to a MSG SGT after the war. Rumor had it he punched out a colonel and was busted to E-1.

He was serving out his time living in the basement and keeping out of sight.
lewis orde

I remember doing KP in that mess hall in 1965 and yes, you're right, he was a miserable turd.  So were many of the cooks.  I was glad when I got on the driver's roster and drove the OD around instead of doing KP.   There was one terrific mess sergeant in the 4th AD.  His name was Pop O'Donnell.  I remember a pic of him in the Rolling Review where, in his mess whites, he was trying his luck at Graf with a Jeep-mounted recoilless rifle.  When I spent my last year in the army at the training center in Fort Bragg, 66-67, were were lucky enough to have Pop O'Donnell for mess sergeant there.

Warren Russ

I was in Finance 3/66 to 8/68 and the cook for awhile was a short bald headed guy, who later volunteered for  "Nam. Later, a rumor was killed.....I don't know if it was true.



I remember a mess sgt who arrived at the 504th mess in 1966.  He was so good that some high ranking officer "appropriated him" for the officer's mess.  I believe he was the one who started serving omelets in the morning.
(PS -- I was in Finance - replacement on 3rd floor from June-Dec 66 then transferred to Monteith Finance branch for all of 67)
John W. Hurley
Wow, the responses for this time period (1963-1965)have been underwhelming. I guess with the advantage of time and hindsight it really did suck.
John Clubbs

Yes his pay records leave paid to work in the finance office.  Was stationed from Nov. 63 until June 88

John Clubbs

I meant to say was in Goepp from Nov. 63 until June of 66

Walter Hamlin
I was in the 504th Admin for a short time from October 1965 to May 1966 when i was reassigned to the Reception Station at Fort Campbell, KY. We opened the new center in August 1966 and got our first recruits.
I worked at PSD with MSGT Day, Mr. Huber and CAPT. Bowlin.
I remember a cook that worked in the first mess hall from the barracks that had his records messed with but I think it was a differrent one than you mentioned. I think this one had a Spanish name. But he was disliked by many. My close buddies was--Charles Hargis, Dave Berger, Bouche, Ozygowsky, Wilson, Beidelshies ?, and some more that I don't remember their names at this time.
Lyndon Davis
I was there 65 ~ 67. I shared a room Terry Nelson. Good friends with Richard Dean Matlock and gave him my car when I went back to the states.
Michael McEwen
Hi Guys, I was in 504th Admin Co from Aug 67 to Dec 69 the I did a tour in Nam. I remember Mr Huber. Would love to hear from anyone who was there at those time.
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