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Otis Blanson
I'm Otis Blanson, During the last part of 1963 to 1965 I was with the 205th Transportation Battalion assigned to the 48th Transportation Company located at Colemans barracks in Sandhofen just outside of Mannheim with a mos 672.40 Multi Engine Aircraft Mechanic, cross trained on the UH1B. The CO was James L Knight, our company clerk was SPC-E-4 MacBride, if anybody out there know the where abouts of any of the personnel during that period, have them to give me line at... Willtravell

Randy zandona
Hi There, I was stationed there @ the 48th from Jan 69 thru Oct 70. I volunteered for the draft and got lucky and ended up in Germany. My mos was 67N20 and 72B20 and after 2 months they recruited me to the orderly room. My co was Major Turner and Major Downer. I enjoyed my time there very much and it
was quite an experience. Many good times and friendships were made, I only wish that I could make contact with more of my friends. I guess one of my great accomplishments there was being able to travel to visit all of my parents relatives in Italy.
Donnie Livingston
I was with the 48th from 71 to 73. Lots of good memory's. Stayed in aviation maint. when I got out, 28 years with Northwest Airlines and now with Southwest Airlines. Based in Orlando. Hope to retire in a couple years. I remember the C/O to be a major Myers. Always wondered what happened to all the guys there and the Company. After AIT in Ft. Rucker I expected to get orders for Viet Nam in 71. I was still 17 married with a new baby so I guess it worked out.
Rich Spivak
I was stationed in Germany at Cook barracks between late 69-71. 48 transportation company aviation unit.
Thomas Struthers
I see some names I remember. It's been a long time Steve. I'm not sure anyone remembers me. I was stationed with 48th in 71&72. I was MOS67N20.
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