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Hello everyone, I'm looking for any help piecing together the organization of 1st Infantry Division (Forward) in the late 1980's (1986-1989). Any help is appreciated.
So far I have the Armor and Infantry battalions but not sure of the locations or units. I'm still working on the combat support and combat service support units. And any 1st ID HQ units.
Were any units at Böblingen, Panzer Kaserne?

This is what I have so far:

1st Infantry Division (Forward) Göppingen, Cooke barracks
C Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment (did they change to A Troop, 1-4th Cavalry?)

3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division (Forward) - Göppingen - Cooke barracks
*3-34th Armor Battalion: M60A3
1-16th Mechanized Infantry Battalion: M113 APC
4-16th Mechanized Infantry Battalion: M113 APC

2-5 Field Artillery Battalion: M109
1st Air Defense Battery: M163 Vulcan
D Company, 1st Engineer Battalion

*when, if at all, did 3-34 Armor change to 2nd Battalion, 37th Armor Regiment?

Andrew Cole
I was 1st IDF, 299th support battalion, during that time, Charlie company. We were primarily field Medical.
I was 1st IDF 2/37 & 3/34 (Alpha Co) from '86-89.  It was Panzer Kaserne in Böblingen.  It was initially 2/37.  They transitioned from M60's to A1's in the fall of '86 and reassigned to 3/34 in '88.
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