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Larry Chatterson

“baseball bats on a locker with you in it “

I do remember hearing that but by being out in the field a lot, I lucked out and missed the two we had. Just wondering?


  Would anyone remember seeing little cards or photos that had “ I think “ photos of KGB license plates and on that card it told you what to do if you seen one?
Danny L Kruse

The only card that I remember Larry was the one that we had to carry around with you. It told us what to do on the back of the card if you were captured by any communist country over there. I think the color of the card was red and yellow on the front. Could this be the card?

Larry Chatterson

I remember that one, I think the Geneva Convention card but the one I was talking about showed a little example of what a KGB/Russian “I think“ license plate would have looked like and what to do if you seen one. 


What was your favorite c-ration? Remember ham and eggs in the little green can?  We used to buy mayonnaise, bred and make egg salad.   Wasn’t too bad at the end of the month and not payday yet because I remember getting paid out in the field at times and they would use one of our tents as a temp pay office or what ever it was called.
Larry Chatterson
In the message section " Spies " there is talk about what I'm talking about but I don't read about the little card that we got.   I better ask in that section.
Danny L Kruse
We got snowed in for two weeks in the winter of 1969 at Hill 548 located next to the town of Hetzles. We did not have a bath for those two weeks and all that we had to eat was c-rations. The turkey was alright and the pound cake, but the biscuits always tasted bad, so we would heat the biscuits up on top of the tent heat stove to kill the taste. Our little buddy the tent mouse would sneak up on our sleeping bags at night and try to eat the crumbs off our lips " forget his name" he was a big rat after we left the radio site around the 1st part of the winter in 1970.
Just ten years back in winter of 1959 was Elvis at his training site at Grafenwoehr with the 3rd Armor. It was a one hour drive to Grafenwoefr from our radio site at Hetzles. I would always hear stories about him from the old E-7's and up that served with him, and they would always say good things about him "like when he purchased new TV sets for his Army base"
Anyone out there have any stories of Elvis or their times out in the field?

Larry Chatterson

I do remember the mice that would visit so thinking we were smart we would hang things on the tent ropes at the top of the tent inside but most of the time our bread would have small holes in the loaf hanging so the next time out one of us had found a small wood box with a top on it and would put anything worth saving in that and that worked good. Maybe a good meaning of cookie monster before its time.


The time I spent at Cooke that any talk about Elvis didn’t come up but I know he served in the Army. I’m not far out of Detroit and my first 10 years was in the city and my now late brother had said that he seen Elvis going into one of the recording studios that was there but where I don’t know. Maybe Motown Records but I don’t think so but maybe he was there about some sort of contract. We are talking like in the 50s so I don’t know and I can’t ask my brother now.
Anthony Garguilo
Hi guys I was with the 144 signal battalion from 1968 to 1970 B compant forward terminal platoon terminal squad I was on that EandE and was captured twice. I had radio shots on hornberg, hesselgerg and on the parade Field at pinder barracks in Nuremberg I went to the 4ad NCO academy in erlangen  my first Sgt was Sgt Delaney co was capt Rodriquez.  do you remember Sgt major Hamilton he and I ran wires from my mark 54 that was on the air field to the com center.
           I am so glad to have found this sight        Anthony Garguilo Staten island new york     Born and raised in Brooklyn NY
Larry Chatterson 70-71



You must have left about the same time I became a proud member of the 144th/141st Sig. I was in B co. from 70-71 but during my time, there was a First Sgt Bond “ can’t remember his first name “ and we had a Capitan Pharr for our CO.  My boss was Sgt Stone and we used to call him Rock.  I was a 52B20 “ generator mechanic “. Look in Cooke Barracks Album 6 and 1 for some photos that might bring back some memories. Check out all the albums because they all are super.
Darrell M
Looking for Captain John witherspoon Walker depty installation coordinator
1964 144th/3 armor div.
Ron ONeill
I was with the 144/141st signal battalion company B from the fall of 1970 until we moved to Nuremberg in late 1971 early 1972 and I remember 1st Sgt Bond and Capt. Pharr. I was a radio teletype team chief and enjoyed my time in Germany. Some other people I remember are Jim Sustar, Shawn Carey, Rex Funchis, Atlas Davis, and LT Fogg.
Bob M.
I served in the 114th SB from 1968 - 1971.  I was in A company, then HQ company.  I worked in the Com Center at 4AD HQ as a 72B40 Trick Chief  Sgt. E-5. Do you remember Mr. Zimmerman a W-4 in the CC? How about Patchen, Stibbs, Laurens, Larson? That was going on 50 years ago.  How time passes.
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