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Just read that the 141st Sig Bn, 1st Armd Div (formerly 144th Sig Bn, 4th Armd Div) has been deactivated and reorganized as a signal company within a new Special Services Battalion.
Michael When were in the 144
Wasn't, Gene. But was at Div Hq from May 70 to April 72. 144th Sig Bn had to be the largest unit on post, so I knew quite few of the personnel. My first job was AG Classified and our area connected to the Msg Ctr which was staffed by Sig Bn. Only other 4th Armd Div units to speak of at Cooke were Hq Co. and 504th Admin. Co. 48th Trans. Co. was not a 4AD unit. Was there when 144th Sig Bn became 141st and 504th Admin became 501st. Was paperwork nightmare.
Michael---I was there a few years before you I wonder if MSG center was what we called Comm. Center? The 48Th if I'm not mistaken arrived at Cooke in 65. We came and departed Germany by ship were you as unlucky or did you get to fly.
I flew, Gene. At that time there were no more troop ships. Arrived end of May 1970 and left early April 1972. AG Classified was in basement of Hq building next to the Message or Commo Center. There was a window in the wall between the offices. All incoming message traffic was handed thru to us for rounting and delivery and, if classified, for documenting and proper handling and security. All outgoing TWXs came to us first to check priority and, if classified, for proper security documentation and handling. Then we passed thru the window to Sig Corps for transmission. Our office was called the Cage because it had a locked "jail door" when office open and a solid steel plate door w/combination lock when closed. No one other than the four of us who worked there were allowed in the Cage even if he had TS Clearance. Was probably same in Commo Ctr. I also had some exotic clearances beyond Top Secret such as COMSEC, COSMIC, and ATOMAL. Yikes!
Michael---Just in case I didn't mention it I was with the 144. Just before I came home for some reason one night there was just one person working Comm Center. He decided to leave and left Comm Cnt unattened and went to the movie. No one knows for sure what happened to him they picked him up and that was the last anybody seen him. I figure he had a long vacation in the state of Kansas.
Yup, most of the traffic was pretty routine. But once in a while we would get a TS msg on the wire. Everyone got pretty nervous as to what the content might be. Commo Ctr would alert me that msg was coming in on the printer with a TS header. I'd call Chief of Staff's office who would send a major down or even the Chief himself. Msg was in multi parts and all would have to be logged as seperate document with Chief of Staff standing at the cage door impatiently waiting to take up to CG's office. I can't imagine leaving that post unattended. Once I had to take a TS up and stand in Gen. Cobb's office while he read the msg. Was glad to get rid of that job.
Mike , 144th was the largest unit at Cooke barracks, I was there from 69-71 A Co. Chuck
Larry Chatterson

You guys remember a CAPT Owen F Pharr?  He was our CO in Company B.  I was there from early 70 to late 71. I was a 52B20 or generator mechanic and remember being out in the field a lot.  One of our cooks was named Alba from New York “ I could have spelled his name wrong “ but he was a good boxer and maybe U.S.E.R. champ but could be wrong on that.  I have a hard time remembering things due to the 2 strokes I suffered about 4 years ago. As a mechanic we used to set up the mess tent out in the field so we used to work well with the company B cooks.  I got out of the Army right before the 141 moved but was there when we changed from the 144 to the 141 Armored    OLD IRONSIDES

Danny L Kruse
Larry I was just next door to you with Company C 144th Signal Battalion. I was there from the summer 1969 to the middle of Sept. 1970. I know that we must have past each other by at one time or another. Most of my time was really out in the field "a lot" When I did get back to the post, I was put  on the company duty roster a lot by acting 1st SGT. E-7 Vance!!!
I had a lot of respect for our company CO, CAPT John Mcquaid "He was there for us and stood up for us" Our platoon SGT. Edwards was just great too!
Larry Chatterson

I lived in a tent at Wildflecken “ up past the Monastery “ “ They made some GOOD dark beer and drinking 1L of that would almost knock you backwards, even to this day I can’t find good beer like that. And Grafenwoehr “ top of some hill” and then out for reforger I think for both years that I was there or the 17 ½ months I was at Cooke. You remember anything about “Ace Mobil Forces “ that at times went to Norway?  We had some radio rigs that went but I didn’t go or wasn’t assigned to that.  I did read somewhere that we had bed check at Cooke and for some reason I think we had it about the time I got there and then it was stopped maybe 2-3 months after so maybe early 70s. There were four of us in the room and I remember one of the guys just brought in his “girlfriend” and had to hide her and it was late at night. It’s funny how she fit into his locker. Hahaha That next day he almost ended up at sick call and not being sick I think that was my 3-4 day/night in the 144th.


There are some people that say that they didn’t like it while stationed at Cooke and I didn’t in a way but I made the best of it and looking back I’m happy I was there because I know that there is a good chance I will never be able to see it again.


Danny, You must have left right before the 144th 4th Armored was switched over to 141st. 1st Armored. I remember going through that but not the date.  There are some photos in one of the albums here of a big ball where people trying to push it. I took the photos from the top floor Co.B but that could have been after you were gone.

Any of my old post here with a email link is old and this post will have a good link to my email

Danny L Kruse
Larry I remember that alert to Norway in the winter time I believe. I was in the field at the time and I got out of that one and the Escape and Evasion we that had too. I was at Hesselberg for a day or two and got to see that old World War II German officers house that we used for one of our radio sites. I was really all over Germany, but Hohenfels was the one that had the most history with the German Army starting a training area and a prisoner of war camp there until the 3rd Army liberated it April 1945.
Do you remember a generator mechanic by the last name of Stark? he was our on site mechanic for our generators.
I left before the 144th Signal became the 141st and missed out on all that fun. I will get will you and email you some other info later on. Nice to hear from you Larry, Danny.
Danny L Kruse

Sorry Larry for the word errors that I made within message#12, I will get "with" you and email you some other info later on, and "we that" had that turned around! I couldn't go back and correct it after I hit post, Sorry again, Danny.

Larry Chatterson

Escape and Evasion.  I missed out on both that we had or remember. 1 I was out in the field and the other was my motor sergeant, one other mechanic and I was just coming out of the field and so we kind of took our time so we would miss out in all that fun.


“Sorry Larry for the word errors that I made within message#12”


 Now we have something in common. .


I just remembered that one time on a quick alert we had to leave the base and after we set up everything and we were told to put on our gas mask. So we did and I remember the little German kids pointing and rolling on the ground cracking up.  We must have looked real funny in a way to them. So some of us started to make a lot of noises till the Caption started yelling at us and he made us take them off so in a way the kids helped out a lot. 

Danny L Kruse
I did hear a lot of stories about our Escape and Evasion, but the one story that I remember the most was being captured by our play enemy forces and battered by baseball bats on a locker with you in it. I also remember the physical and verbal abuse that they would use against you too. I do understand that this treatment was really necessary for the real horrors of war by the Vietcong if you were captured by them.
Do you Larry or anyone else remember any stories from our Escape and Evasion?

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